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A proactive and preventative approach to health must be a good idea. Increasingly people in the UK are seeing their GP’s to get things checked out before they become a problem and to give themselves peace of mind. There are several private options now available within the UK if you want to fast track the system and pay! They are basically a health MOT and there are many specialist providers as well as the larger private hospitals that offer a whole plethora of tests.

Bluecrest Screening Reviews

The NHS has various recommendations of what tests you should have and at what age for example If you’re aged between 40-74 and you haven’t had a stroke, or you don’t already have heart disease, diabetes, or kidney disease, you should have check every five years.

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Bluecrest Health Screening Reviews 2016

Once you have had a health check and have the results you can visit your doctor with the results and discuss the best course of action. A health screening usually take under half an hour and the results take anything up to 2 weeks.

Bluecrest Health Screening Reviews

Depending on the results you may want to look at other simple changes you can make to lead a healthier lifestyle. This could include the following:

Stopping Smoking – An obvious one but not so easy to do. Try getting help from your doctor, use nicotine patchs and try and break the habit. With it proven to cause cancer this has to be worth quitting forever.

Improve Your Diet – Cut out unhealthy take away options, drink more water, eat less refined sugar, have a varied diet and aim to eat at least five different fruit and veg a day. Maybe try eating little and often and having smaller portion sizes.

Lose Some Weight – With the UK as one of the most obese countries in Europe quite a few of us could really do with losing a few pounds…. Or more! Take on board some of the advice above on diet and try and lose a few extra pounds.

Increase The Amount of Your Exercise: If you are really unfit then start out by walking once a day and then gradually build up to longer walks and then maybe even a jog round the park. Perhaps take up a sport and make becoming healthier a pleasurable experience. Anything you can do to become more active is only going to be a good thing.

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